Matt Darey | Hold On | Single | Richard James Smith on Guitars | Trance Record of the Week | Flux BPM Online Review

Flux BPM Online: Review: Matt Darey 'Hold On' - Trance single of the weekThe latest Matt Darey single ‘Hold On’, which not only has been given the mighty accolade of Trance Record of the Week, but has also received glowing reviews from non other than Flux BPM Online, your one-stop shop for EDM Culture.

Being described as ‘…completely tuned in for Summer’ and as ‘hopeful & optimistic…….LOVE IT!’. Richard performs all guitars (Rock, electric, trance, classical, balaeric & Bass Guitar) and his guitar performance ‘…worked perfectly before the large synthy melody lands to create hysteria on the dancefloors’. Check it out at Flux BPM Online Website.